Social Media for a Canada Immigration Consultancy Firm

Canada Provinces and Territories

Canada Provinces and TerritoriesThis project involved the social media management of a Canadian Immigration Consultant based in Canada. The work involved Facebook Page management, including regular posting of content, content creation, research, and lead generation campaign.

The content I created was meant to educate and inspire those who are seeking to immigrate to Canada. Although all the information about how to immigrate to the said country is available on the internet, it’s obvious that most would rather be fed with information. Unfortunately, some information can be misleading or are presented in a highly technical manner.

Also, there’s too much information out there that can be overwhelming. I made an effort to dissect the pieces of information and present it in bits and pieces that can be clearly understood.

This video was created for a Study in Canada lead generation campaign.

This video was used for general immigration lead generation campaign

This video was created to educate interested party, specifically those coming from Asia, about Canada’s Student Direct Program

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